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Life is good for Jim. He is satisfied as the pastor of a large church, gladly married to a wonderful woman, and has two adorable little girls. His cup overflows. Then he gradually realizes he's become attracted to a member of his congregation. Through a series of inappropriate meetings with her, he moves closer and closer to falling to temptation and devastating repercussions. Ignored by Jim, though, is someone trying to save him.

The Pastor's Confession honestly illuminates the awful appeal of an extramarital affair. As the story of temptation unfolds, other faith issues are raised--the role of politics in the church life, the Christian and money, the effects of sexually explicit entertainment, to name a few. And, of course, the grace of God is ever-present in the confession.

This is the second book in the series, The Pastor and the Seven Deadly Sins.

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Josh Mason is the pastor of a small, rural Baptist church. He's content with his quiet life of serving his church and community, enjoying time with his wife and son, and contemplating scripture. Then vagabond Dave Johnson challenges Jose to a test of spiritual warfare. In a very short time, Josh questions his sincerity as a follower of Jesus, realizes he and his wife have a secret that has risky consequences, and understands he needs to mature more in his faith.

As Josh and Dave push each other in spiritual warfare, they touch on Christian theology, biblical authority, pastor and church criticism, contemporary issues, and sincere discipleship. And one of the them rediscovers the heart of faith in Christ.

The Pure in Heart is the first book in the series, The Pastor and the Seven Deadly Sins.

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Book no.2
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